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Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut

digital marketing strategist in calicut
freelance web designer kerala


I, am a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut, Kerala who focuses on helping entrepreneurs build their business empire.

As a freelance digital marketing strategist, I can help you to make your brand stand out from your competitors. I build effective strategies for all types of business. I can provide services like Web Development, Graphic Designing, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. If your looking for a freelance digital marketing strategist in kerala who can elevate you’re business to more heights, you are at the right place. Interested ? Get in touch with me.

Who is a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist ?

A Freelance Digital marketing strategist is a person who is responsible for promoting your brand and boost your business using digital medium. Digital marketing freelancer uses different kinds of strategies to achieve a client’s business and brand objectives.

What Does Digital Marketing Strategist Do ?

The main job of a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist is to plan and create the best strategies that is suitable for your business and your brand. Digital marketer also helps in analyzing your competitors and helps your business and brand to get more exposure online.

Why Digital Marketing is Important ?

Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing. When it comes to marketing, Digital Marketing is far better than traditional  marketing. It is cost effective and much easier to implement. Digital marketing helps you to display your brand and ads to the right costumers. Every business should adopt digital market.


Web Development

A good web design provides a better first impression and also helps to keep up with competitors. With my experience and talent in web designing and web development I can provide you with fast loading, content filled and attractive website design.

Graphic Designing

As a freelance graphic designer I can provide you with a visually appealing, interactive and eye catchy designs to promote your brand. When it comes to graphic designing navigation, hierarchy and colours are really important.

Google Ads

If you're looking for an immediate exposure in the search results, Google ads is the best option for you. As a google ads specialist, I can help you to execute strategies in google ads that works well with your business. You've got the right google ads specialist here.


A well designed website alone is not enough to build a brand. To make a website useful, you need to drive traffic to your website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does just that. I offer seo services like on page seo, local seo and seo marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Around 5 Billion people use social media, that's half of the whole world population. Social media helps you to attract the right customers for your business. With the help of my social media marketing strategies I can give your brand more exposure than your competitors.

Content Marketing

As a digital marketing strategist, Creating engaging, good quality, helpful content is also my expertise. Content helps you to make a connection with your users. So delivering a good content is really essential when it comes to building your brand online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let me make a guess, You’re a business owner or manager who’s tired of doing everything all at once and alone. Finally, you’ve made the decision to outsource some work, but you have two options. You have the option of hiring a freelancer or delegating the work to an agency. Isn’t that a difficult decision to make? Well, not quite! I would hire a freelancer if I were you. Let me explain why.

                            A digital marketing freelancer is superior than a digital marketing agency in terms of expertise. Because freelancers are professionals who have typically worked in a firm before becoming a freelancer, you cannot pick and choose who you work with at a digital marketing agency. Marketers are chosen by the agency based on the size of your company. If your company is huge, you might hire an experienced marketer. A digital freelancer works on their own and values their reputation above all else. As a result, they will ensure that your needs are addressed and that you receive good service. When it comes to an agency, the agency will undoubtedly care about its reputation, but the service you receive will be determined by the firm’s individual marketers. Because digital marketing freelancers don’t get as many projects as an agency, they’re more likely to offer better outcomes. In addition, the digital marketing agency prioritize large projects that generate more revenue and ignores smaller projects. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a freelancer is that they are more flexible than an agency that is only available during business hours. You can get in touch with a freelancer at any moment. If you have any urgent demands, this will be really useful. Digital freelancers work on their own time so they are tend to be far more productive than an office worker.

                            You now understand why a digital marketing freelancer is preferable to a digital marketing agency. Although a freelancer is better than an agency, there are a few things to consider when hiring a freelancer. The outcome will be determined by the freelancer you selected.

First of all lets understand what is web development. Web development refers to all the activities related with creating, building and maintaining websites. Web development also refers to the job of designing the features and functionality of a website to make it user-friendly.
                            Web development is important because it gives you full control over designing. You can make changes like Pricing policy, Range of products or Even the structure of the business very fast and easy. Web development helps to increase your brand awareness. Every digital marketing strategist should know web development. It is an important part of digital marketing. You can develop a website for any reasons. As a digital marketing strategist in calicut, I developed this website as my personal portfolio, But your need might be different from mine. You might want to develop a website for your business like E-commerce, Education, For Surveys or for Business Presentation. One of the big advantage of developing a website is that you can understand your costumers. You can know which age group are them, Where are they from, How much time they spend on your site, Which product or service grabs more attention and a lot of other useful information’s. You can acquire these details with the help of Google Analytics and Search Console.

              Unfortunately some huge corporates and startups avoid web based services as a part of saving costs. That is the worst mistake to make. As far as I know, Web development is one of the fastest and affordable way to create an online exposure for your brand. So the next time you decide to enter the online media, Developing a website should be on top of the list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the important service in digital marketing. Google does not share its search volume details, Although it is estimated that google gets 63,000 search queries a Second, That’s 5.4 Billion searches a day. How many of you searched something on google and scrolled down to the 9th or 10th page to click on a result ? Very few right, So there’s no point if your website is on 9th or 10th page in google search. So how can you be on the top 3 pages in google search results ? This is where SEO comes in action.

                                      In simple words, SEO helps to enhance your online visibility. SEO entails a variety of actions and tactics that help your website rank higher in search results. Image optimization, content optimization, header tag optimization, internal and external linking, keyword analysis, and so on are all part of the process. There are a number of SEO experts in Kerala, including me, who can provide you with SEO services and tactics to help you rank your website on the first page of Google search results. As an SEO professional, I can’t express how critical SEO is for your business in words. There are both paid and Organic way to increase your website rank on search results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type paid ranking method, But SEO increases traffic through organic search. Organic search is always the primary source of a websites traffic. The main aim of any SEO expert is to develop trust and credibility to establish a strong foundation. I am not saying paid ranking is bad, But organic search has more value than paid ranking methods.

                     In conclusion, The importance of SEO expanded significantly in the last few years. Remember SEO has its own challenges, You need to get the right SEO expert who you trust and who understands your business and brand needs and objectives as much as you do. As a bonus, Here’s the Top 10 useful SEO tools to help you.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) simply refers to the use of social media to market a brand or a business. Well the power of social media marketing is not simple as its definition sounds. The impact of SMM strategies upon your brand is mind-blowing. SMM is also one of the strongest digital marketing strategy.
                                   Social media has over 3.5 Billion active users, Spending an average of 3 Hours per day. A digital marketing strategist should always concentrate on the areas where there are the most prospective clients. SMM works by creating and distributing content that you want your potential customers to view and interact with. It might be educational videos, brand awareness posts, event posters, offer posts, or any other media that draws customers to your company. Content and content makers abound on social media (Influencers). There’s an old saying “Content is King” , Well its true in the case of social media marketing. People are interested in quality and short content. That brings me to the most important trend that’s going on now “Short Content”. Short content means the content that is short and simple. Social media users are not interested in long duration content anymore. They want more information in lesser time possible. So we want to design contents with this short content in mind. Social media marketing better targets your customers.
                     Every business has to focus on Social Media Marketing (SMM) seriously. Also every business must have their profile set on social media platforms so people can search and follow their content. Social media enables a business to engage with their existing customers and can acquire new customers too. Keep in mind that social media changes with time and trends will keep changing, So you have to keep up with the trend otherwise you’ll be out of the game.




I am always available for any digital marketing related works. Feel free to contact me at any time.